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A High Tech Mobile Escape Room

AllPlay Games are designed for the escape room owner who wants to make more money without all the cost that goes into building a new escape room. We help you bring the escape room to your customer, in the form of a high tech, video and feedback filled portable escape room experience.

(It's great for aspiring escape room owners and team building trainers as well!)

All the Fun and All the Revenue

Our games have no restrictions on how often you use it—make as much money as you want and grow your business!


I own an Escape room company near Atlantic City NJ. Our employees played the demo and they got sucked in. I could see their excitement. I watched as they solved the puzzles and realized that AllPlay has created something special. The best part about it for me is that I have been searching for a team building option that doesn't require me lugging around tents and chests. I feel sorry for those who do and hope they include that in their fees. Less set up time. Less junk to load up. This translates into less cost for me and more to the bottom line.

Joseph Broomell | Escape Room Owner

As far as corporate team building games go, we think this one has legs. We brought together a group of players who work in corporations of different sizes that bring in different sorts of team building experiences. Everyone agreed that Aliens are Attacking was engaging and would likely play well at their respective companies.

Lisa & David Spira |

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